Non-investment or non-lucrative residency allows a foreigner to become a legal resident without needing to invest.

Most middle- and high-net-worth applicants want to be able to move their families to a safer country and travel without restrictions to further develop business opportunities abroad.

Main requirements for a non-lucrative Visa

  • No investment is necessary.
  • It does not authorize both the main applicant and the dependants to live, but it does authorize both the main applicant and the dependants to live and study. If it is necessary to work, under certain conditions and procedures, the non-lucrative residence can be exchanged for a residence authorized to work.
  • It must be demonstrated that you have sufficient financial means to live in Spain.
  • It is not recommended for people with limited funds who simply meet the requirements for the first year of residency.


537,84 €


2.151,36 €/month
+ 537,84 €/family member

No Lucrative Visa Application Steps


Apply for a non-Lucrative Visa at the Spanish Consulate of the applicant’s country of legal residence or current nationality. The consulate can take up to 90 days to resolve the request although they usually process it in less time.


Once approved, applicants obtain a 90-day residence visa that is stamped in their passports to be admitted as legal residents in Spain. The new visa is good for one year, then it can be renewed in Spain every two years.


Spanish citizenship for nationals of Ibero-American countries

Nationals of Ibero-American countries can apply for Spanish nationality after living continuously for only two years as legal residents in Spain. Among the Ibero-American countries are all the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the American continent. Currently, the process of obtaining nationality can take a couple of years. For an Ibero-American citizen, in four years you can become a Spanish citizen from the first day of residence. As soon as you are a Spanish citizen, you can live and work in any of the other 27 countries that are part of the European Union.


Frequently Questions About Non-Lucrative Visa


Where to apply for non-Lucrative Visa?

Initial non-lucrative residence visa must be applied for at the Spanish consulate in your country of actual residency.

How long it may take for the case to be resolved?

The Spanish consulate has up to 90 days to approve or deny the non-lucrative visa application.

How long the initial residence is granted?

The initial residence card is granted for one year once applicants are physically present in Spain.

Can i work with the non-lucrative residence?

No, this residency visa does not authorize you to work in Spain unlike the Golden Visa, which authorizes you to work without restrictions. However, non-lucrative residence can become long-term residence if the foreign citizen has lived continuously for at least two years in Spain. Long-term residence does authorize employment and is no longer linked to proof of funds.

Do i must be physically in Spain to renew the non-lucrative residence?

Yes, it requires foreigners to be physically present in Spain for a minimum of six months a year to maintain and renew their resident status.

Which family members can I include in the process?

Only unmarried sons and daughters up to the age of 18 are included in the immigration process.

Non-lucrative residence can be extended?

Non-lucrative residence can be extended for periods of two years as long as the financial requirement continues to be met.

How much money do you have to have in the bank?

The visa law is broad and ambiguous as to the type of evidence applicants must provide to satisfy the financial requirement. Most Spanish consulates around the world now expect all of the funds from the first year to be in the applicant’s personal bank account at the time of application.

The applicant’s bank account does not necessarily have to be in a Spanish bank. Therefore, to obtain the initial non-lucrative residence it is essential to clearly demonstrate the financial means throughout the first year..

What is the difficulty of obtaining non-lucrative residence?

In general, the process is very simple and most non-lucrative visa applications are being approved without major problems in Spanish consulates around the world.

Are Living costs very high in Spain?

No, not at all. Often, foreigners believe that non-lucrative residency visa is only for people with a high network, when in fact the amounts required are relatively low. This is because living costs are very affordable in Spain. For example, private health insurance is very affordable in Spain.

Does It allow me to get Spanish citizenship?

Non-lucrative residence allows foreigners to accumulate the time of residence necessary to obtain Spanish nationality. However, they must live continuously in Spain for the required period of time. The standard residence time to obtain Spanish nationality is 10 years. Ibero-Americans only need to accumulate two years of continuous residence to apply for Spanish citizenship.


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