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I have more than 10 years of experience in real estate transactions of all levels, from vacational condominiums to large mansions, on a buying, selling or investment basis.

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What else can i do for you?

You can count on me before moving to Spain and also after you have settled in La Costa del Sol. All these years living here have allowed me to have very good contacts to offer you quick solutions.

Legal assistance and immigration

We can study your stay in Spain through investment residency, known as Golden Visa or non-lucrative residence or Nomad Visa. Likewise, I help you with obtaining the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number).

Opening bank accounts

I know perfectly the Spanish banking market and I detect which are the entities that best suit your needs. I get you the best options for your change from dollars to euros and open your Bank Accounts.

Municipal Registration

Everyone living in Spain needs to be registered in a census or municipal registry to, for example, buy a car, enroll a child in school or get married.

Mortgage Petition

Spain offers great opportunities to obtain a mortgage as a foreigner, thanks to its flexibility and very low interest rates. Ask me.

Currency exchanges

If you are interested in converting your dollars to euros, I will inform you of the daily value of the currency and the best market conditions so you do not lose money.

Lawyers and Notaries

The legal processing of a purchase, sale or investment will require legal professionals and notaries for the operation to be carried out successfully.

Tax advice in Spain and USA

As in any country, if you have a property there are a number of obligations on the payment of taxes. Contact me and I will inform you of everything.

Wills and inheritances

I will advise you to leave all the paperwork and procedures well tied so that your family has a fair inheritance without any complications. If you don’t have it all ready done, we can assist you to complete this task.

Appraisal of private properties

In the granting of a mortgage, the bank is the one that carries out the appraisal. If you are not going to need a mortgage, I recommend doing a private appraisal prior to purchase.

Travel plan for pets and veterinary service

I inform you about all the animal health regulations for traveling with pets. I now live in Malaga with Benny, my adorable puppy that I was able to bring from the USA. If you need a trusted veterinary clinic, just give me a call.

Home maintenance

I know the best professionals in the cleaning sector. If, in addition, you are thinking about a great reform, I know the right professionals.

Life, health, home and car insurance

Although healthcare in Spain is free, I help you manage your private, life and home health insurance. They are very inexpensive insurance and cover the same as one in the United States.

Your car, in good hands

I will help you in the acquisition of your new car and with the processing of the driver’s license. I have the best workshops in Malaga to leave your car in good hands in case of breakdown or repair. Everything is under control!

Rent your properties

I offer you assistance to rent your properties and get a return on your investment. Therefore, I prepare a study of the investment so that you can decide the format (Airbnb, by seasons or annually), while I am in charge of getting the necessary licenses.

Hospitals and Health Centers

There is nothing like good healthcare system and let me tell you that in Spain it is excellent. Still, there are private clinics that could shorten wait times. I know all the key health points of La Costa del Sol.

Would you like some leisure and fun?


Open your palate and savor

One of the best things you can do in Spain is to try our Mediterranean cuisine. I will advise you the best places to enjoy the Spanish culinary art.


Keep your pace

If you are looking to practice sports such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, football, swimming or just a gym that is up to the task, call me and I will give you the suggestions in the area.


You will not know where to choose

Movie theaters, music, theater, major music festivals, as well as a very complete museum offer, await you to enjoy it with passion.

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