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The residence by investment program, also known as “golden visa” or Golden Visa, is one of the ways to become a legal resident in Spain in just 7 days.


Golden Visa: Investment Residency Program

To attract foreign investors after the economic crisis of 2013, the Government of Spain launched the residence by investment program also known as “Golden Visa”.
Spain has become a fashionable destination for people with medium and high net worth individuals looking for a new legal residence and a second passport.


The main requirement: a qualified investment

The residence by investment program allows a foreigner, who is not a citizen of a country of the European Union, to become a legal resident by making a qualified and significant investment in Spain, such as:

Minimum Real Estate investment free of charges and encumbrances of

Deposit in bank account of the investor in Spain of

Buy government bonds by

Invest in company shares, investment funds or venture capital in Spain for

Currently, the most common ways to obtain the residence visa by investment are the purchase of real estate for a minimum of 500,000 euros or the realization of a deposit of 1 million euros in the investor’s bank account in Spain.


Benefits of residence by investment

The residency by investment program offers benefits that have gradually boosted the number of foreign investors in recent years. The program is an alternative for those individuals and families who want to secure a plan B or backup for the future.


Currently, nationals of almost 60 countries can visit Spain for up to 90 days without a visa, including nationals of most Latin American countries and the United States.
• Eligible investors and family members can become legal residents while physically present as tourists in Spain.
• When submitting your applications during your stay in Spain, the Spanish administration must approve or deny the application within 20 working days of its submission. That is, investors can visit Spain, buy the property during those 90 days and return to their country of origin with the residence card in hand.
• Investment residency is initially granted for a period of 2 years and then extended for five-year periods as long as the investor maintains the investment.


There is no physical presence requirement to maintain or renew resident status. This particular profit has been a deciding factor for many investors who are unwilling to leave the day-to-day activities of their overseas businesses. Thus, they are allowed to continue living abroad and move to Spain when they are really ready to do so.


Investors maintain full control of the investment. There are no third parties or companies involved during the entire immigration process. In the case of real estate investments, the property is directly owned by the investor. If the investor decides to deposit 1 million euros, all funds are held in the investor’s own personal bank account in Spain. The fact that the investment is under the full control of the investor, has provided great confidence to foreign citizens to go ahead and invest in Spain.


Investment residency can become long-term residence after the foreigner has lived continuously for at least five years in Spain. This residence does authorize employment and is no longer linked to a specific investment or proof of funds.


Residence by investment allows foreigners to accumulate the time of residence necessary to obtain Spanish nationality. However, they must live continuously in Spain for the required period of time. It is important to clarify that, in the case of residence by investment, it is not enough to invest and continue living abroad. The standard residence time to obtain Spanish nationality is 10 years.


Unmarried children over the age of 18 can be included in the residency process as long as they are financially dependent on the main investor. In addition, dependent family members can live in Spain without the main investor.


Legal residents are not automatically considered tax residents if they are not physically present for more than 183 days in Spain. A great benefit for investors to be able to continue living abroad as non-residents for tax purposes in Spain.


Investors can work without restrictions in Spain. However, some legal residents are not allowed to work in Spain. Although most investors do not plan to work in Spain, some prefer to have that flexibility in case it is necessary.

Risks in the process

There is virtually no risk in this program, since investors maintain full control of the investment and are not even required to move to Spain.

Families benefited in 2021

Last year it reached a record and more than 600 foreign families obtained their residence in Spain through real estate investments.

Days to get residency

The fact that foreigners can visit the country and become residents in a matter of days, has provided great confidence to investors.

Frequently asked questions about investment by residence

Is health insurance necessary? ¿What is its cost?

Among other documents, private health insurance is required to cover all medical expenses of principal applicants and their family members. The good news is that private health insurance is very affordable in Spain.

What properties can I acquire?

From flats, apartments, commercial premises or buildings. There is a wide variety of offer in the real estate market at your fingertips.

Will I be accompanied in the process?

Of course, you will count on me and my team of lawyers throughout the process. My extensive experience in buying and selling properties has allowed me to work on real estate transactions of all levels, from holiday apartments to large mansions. We work with the best banks in Spain to offer you total peace of mind and the best economic advantages to make the operation a success.

¿Is it possible to invest in properties for rent?

Correct, in fact, it is one of the most common options for investors. In Spain a tourist license is required for this, which we will arrange for you to achieve your final goal.


We help you manage immigration procedures

It is not necessary to invest or live in Spain to become a resident. Foreign nationals can choose the legal path that fits their short- or long-term personal and immigration needs. Spain offers two ways to become a legal resident. There’s the investitive-residency program, also known as the “golden visa,” and the non-lucrative residency option.

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