Retirement Plan

You deserve to rest, you deserve the best.
Because happiness is on La Costa del Sol, I help you plan your retirement in the medium or long term.
It’s up to you!

Living in Spain, your best decision

Spain has it all. I affirm and reaffirm it with all the certainty, because I have lived in Malaga for a few years and I have been madly in love with it, in particular, with La Costa del Sol. If you are thinking of retiring to a country that offers sun, Mediterranean cuisine and an excellent quality of life, let me tell you that you are on the right track.

You should know that La Costa del Sol has a large community of Americans, British and European citizens, as well as international companies that promote the use of English in all areas, so this should not be one of your concerns. In addition, a large part of the Spanish population has English as a second language.

There are two things I don’t forget

Your family will always be my priority

I take into account your tastes, the school needs of your children, your hobbies and all the requirements you need to travel and enjoy this paradise with your family.

Travel plan for pets

I know all the procedures so that you can travel to Spain with your pet and have the healthcare covered with the best local veterinary clinics.

I will help you to plan your retirement

What are your options?

retirement project

Invest and enjoy


Take the time you need to make important life decisions. Therefore, I make a proposal: What if we plan a trip to Malaga and show you all the benefits of this magnificent city?

I will accompany you throughout your stay to show you first-hand everything that this city can offer you. We can plan your retirement in La Costa del Sol

retirement plan

Invest, rent and earn

You may not have plans to leave the United States yet or you may simply be looking for investment opportunities. 

Let me tell you that it is a good decision to start investing in properties, rent them and get a very interesting return of Investment (ROI). In Spain, the rental system accounts for 24% of the real estate market, so there are business opportunities.

Whatever you choose,
I will always accompany you

The residency by investment program in Spain offers benefits that have gradually boosted the number of foreign investors in recent years.


I work with two large law firms specializing in immigration services. We will inform you of the whole process and help you with all the paperwork so that you can come with complete peace of mind and obtain your Identification Number for Foreigners (NIE).

Municipal Registrat

Everyone living in Spain needs to be registered in a census or municipal registry to, for example, buy a car, enroll a child in school or get married, among other things. It is a simple procedure that will allow you to have advantages as a Spanish citizen, such as in the payment of Real Estate Tax (I.B.I).

Bank Services

I work with the two most important banks in Spain. Whether you want to open bank accounts, exchange currencies or apply for a mortgage, my goal is that you always have the best financial services and get the best return.


I help you find the properties you need. Whether it is for own use, convert to rental or for a commercial purpose. If you are decided by the rental regime, we help you with the coordination of tourist licenses that allow you to make your properties available to other users legally (Airbnb, seasonally or annually). We will take care of the rental contracts with translation service so that you can have all the peace of mind.


It is important to always have identified the points of healthcare, both public and private. I can guide and advise you on the best hospitals and health centers on La Costa del Sol.

I will help you to plan your retirement


Although healthcare in Spain is free, I will help you obtain your private, healthcare, home or car insurance.

They are very inexpensive insurance and cover the same or even more than insurance in the United States.

Home cleaning and maintenance service

I know the best professionals in the sector to keep your home ready.

If, in addition, you are thinking about a great reform, I know the right professionals.

Do you need a car?

I will help you in the acquisition of your new car or if you need to get the driver’s license.
I have the best contacts to leave your car in good hands in case of breakdown or repair.

Would you like some leisure and fun?


Open your palate and savor

One of the best things you can do in Spain is to try our Mediterranean cuisine. I will advise you the best places to enjoy the Spanish culinary art.


Keep your pace

If you are looking to practice sports such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, football, swimming or just a gym that is up to the task, call me and I will give you the suggestions in the area.


You will not know where to choose

Movie theaters, music, theater, major music festivals, as well as a very complete museum offer, await you to enjoy it with passion.

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